The Barn


Every Monday at 7pm
13322 Kansas Ave., Bonner Spring, KS 66012

The Barn was built by the hands, sweat and love of the late Mr. Butch Lombardo, Guiseppe and Nino Lombardo from a vision that Pastor Cindi had years prior – to serve as many as possible, demonstrating the love of Christ, while being His hands and feet. The Barn is the place where Sewer’s Bible college was hosted, and fellowship happens.

Built in Bonner Springs, KS on the property of the Lombardo family, several hundreds of people have walked in, been touched, grew up, been set free, and become grounded in the Word, by the life and love demonstrated through this Spirit-led, grace-filled family and the ministries they led – Sewer’s Bible College and My Sister’s House.

Mondays continue to be devoted to worship and teaching the Word, come visit the barn every Monday at 7pm.

Tuesday nights’ teachings focus on breaking bondages and setting people free and are held seasonally, contact us on Facebook to know when Tuesday night sessions are being held.

We look forward to seeing you!